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Data services.

Data is very important to any business and yet many businesses find their data is either partially or completely disorganised. The time and money wasted through lost or incorrect data can be enormous. The good news is that 99% of all data can be cleansed, sanitised and repaired.

Flat files (unorganised).

Many businesses hold their data in flat files, sometimes delimited. We can take your unorganised data and structure it either in databases, spreadsheets or into other company systems.


Spreadsheets are a fantastic solution to managing your data and have benefited countless businesses. In the short term they are a great idea, but in the long term they turn into 24/7 maintenance nightmares. We can take your spreadsheets and automate and restructure them into manageable solutions that let your report your data accurately and quickly.


The best solution for big data volumes is a database. They are very powerful when structured and managed well. Evolution-style development of databases creates many problems in business. We can help you repair your damaged databases or design new databases so they become the intended long solution for your business.


Often systems in a business need to be upgraded. One of the more common problems is the data in the old system is not compatible with the new system. Underco can provide the link in between that allows you to safely migrate your data to your new systems. We can support the majority of platforms for migration.

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